Why seek help?

General Practice is no longer as it used to be. A greater diversity of working patterns, the now-not-so-new contract, QOF and appraisal have all brought about major changes in how the profession goes about its business and being an employer is a further demand on the partnership. The role of practice manager has been rapidly evolving over the last few years and this brings an added layer of complexity to the every day dynamics of the work place. It is in this context that the functioning of the team is so important.

You might look for help when faced with significant changes, recognising the need for some support with that process. Or it could be that difficulties have arisen which have not been easy to resolve. Facilitation and ongoing support can provide a safe, well structured forum for attending to such matters.

Common presenting issues include difficulties in such areas as …….

  • managing change
  • practice restructuring
  • role definition
  • decision making
  • future planning
  • interpersonal communication
  • internal discord
  • managing difference