The outcome that I am reaching for is a greater sense of confidence, ease and fluidity in finding ways through the inevitable challenges of working in such a complex world as that of the General Practice partnership of today. My experience has taught me that these benefits come with greater understanding and awareness of the complex mixture of individual, interpersonal and organisational themes.

This learning can start with any individual in the system, but the most powerful effects will come from the team developing a shared understanding of the issues and collaborating in making plans about how to proceed.


The partners have been impressed by Karen’s facilitation skills. I think it has helped that she is a doctor, has a background in general practice and so understands a lot of the issues unique to doctors working in general practice.
Sharon McHale GP

Karen holds difficult issues centre stage for long enough for us to look at them from all sides no matter how uncomfortable or seemingly insignificant. By keeping our discussion focused she allows a depth of exchange that I have not found elsewhere. Karen’s in-depth knowledge of both practical and interpersonal minefields in general practice has been immensely helpful.
Rachel Harrison GP

I am always impressed by the ability of Karen to facilitate the group into focusing on the matter at hand, while at the same time being able to distill the essence of the problem discussed. I hold her in great esteem.
Sylvia Merino GP