General practice as it is practiced today is a fascinating complex form of working group. Human beings are drawn to living and working together, and it is by so doing that many creative projects thrive. It is however also true that strife can arise within such groups, getting in the way of the great potential that is always there.

Having worked with groups for many years, (see, I continue to be delighted by the infinite variety of ways that people figure out innovative methods for getting things done.

I am deeply committed to harnessing this creativity to support teams in such a way that both the individuals and the collective are enabled to thrive.

Possibilities include working with…

  • …the existing group and/or sub-groups. This might be the group of partners with or without the practice manger or it might include any combination of other professionals who are significant part of the practice
  • …a group for GPs who are interested in reflecting on their work – facilitated ongoing small group support and supervision
  • …a group for practice managers who are interested in reflecting on their work – facilitated ongoing small group support and supervision.

Group feedback

The group has been for me a source of support and pragmatic advice not only on personal concerns but also on general matters related to general practice. It owes much of its success to Karen’s personal knowledge and understanding of the pressures in general practice and the dynamics within partnerships and human relationships.
Rita Rigg GP

She adds to this a deep understanding of psychological and emotional processes, and so has been able to help many of us reach a much clearer grasp of difficult issues, and how we can best resolve them, and, crucially, what a realistic expectation would be for a satisfactory or achievable outcome. She brings a practical, down to earth approach to her work, adding in a good mixture of humour, sensitivity and strong support where this is needed. She avoids using jargon. In fact, had she chosen to remain a GP, I think she has all the qualities that would make an excellent one, but I am glad she has chosen her current path, as I really look forward to the monthly groups, and always find that I learn something from them, and feel clearer-headed, more confident and less stressed at the end of each one.
Guy Johnson GP

The support I experience from our GP group comes from the way Karen holds difficult issues centre stage for long enough for us to look at them from all sides no matter how uncomfortable or seemingly insignificant. By keeping our discussion focused she allows a depth of exchange that I have not found elsewhere. Karen’s in-depth knowledge of both practical and interpersonal minefields in general practice has been immensely helpful at a very difficult time in my working life.
Rachel Harrison GP

For nearly 10 years I have experienced Karen Rookwood as facilitator in our monthly GP CPD group. She is extremely well skilled to unravel problems and show ways of looking at them, probably mainly by asking the right questions. She performs her task with great humanity, understanding and humour.
Helga Rhein GP

Dr Rookwood sensitively guides the group through discussions, prioritising subjects, highlighting the important issues at the route of the problems in order to guide the group towards solutions. Her wide experience in different areas of medicine enables her to be a wise guide. I invariably come away from meetings feeling inspired and encouraged in my work.
Libby Morton GP

Karen has been persistent and perceptive in managing complex Practices and People
John Ennis GP