It is my firm belief that all teams have the capacity to build upon the things they already do well and it is in this spirit that I engage with any new team. Although it is commonly the case that the first contact is made at a time when something is not going so well, the fact that help is being sought is a very optimistic sign. It is an indicator that there is commitment to a common purpose and a willingness to invest in making things better.

I am interested in harnessing the strengths evident in the existing situation and believe that with sufficient support new ways forward can be found. Change comes about when people are enabled to try out different ways of behaving and it is by having safe enough reflective space, to think together about what really matters, that this can come about.

Amongst other things, I am eager to support healthy dialogue between different people in any group. Dialogue is an art but also a skill which can be learned. Productive dialogues serve both the individual need to be heard and understood and the group need to focus on what really matters, progress complicated situations, make complex decisions and figure out what to do next.