General practice has evolved rapidly over the recent years, bringing both new rewards and new challenges to the profession. As a doctor herself, Karen Rookwood has a deep understanding of the pressures that have come to bear upon General Practitioners. Balancing all aspects of working in a busy partnership is a huge task that can sometimes seem unmanageable.

Karen’s prime interest is in supporting GP partnerships to harness their capacity to become more creative and co-operative teams which run smoothly and effectively, equipped with the tools to continue to deal with the inevitable changes that the future will bring.

Why and when to seek help

We humans are great at sensing tension but we’re not always so good at resolving it. Tension that builds has the power to destroy.

The working approach

No two situations are the same.
A unique approach to a unique situation.

Lasting outcomes

Harmony restored with obvious benefits all round and now the practice has the tools in place to face future challenges.

Karen Rookwood

Karen Rookwood’s special interest is working with family sized teams, especially in health and social care settings.

Karen believes passionately in developing emotional and psychological intelligence in the work place as a means to meeting the demands of modern life.

Karen’s medical background, NHS and general practice experience, equip her uniquely for this role.

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